On Turning 28 and Looking to the Stars

It’s my birthday today, and it’s one of those things I increasingly greet with mixed feelings. Not so much because I’m upset about getting older – I actually am glad to be getting older, to be finding my footing and my style, as well as becoming more confident. It’s more about the bittersweetness of it,…

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Review: St. Agni Woven Loafers

One of the items I own that I am asked about the most frequently are my St. Agni woven loafers. Every time I feature them on my Instagram, people want to know if they are really worth the cost, how comfortable they are, how they wear and more, since basically every ethical fashion blogger seems…

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Streamlining My Shoes

Having an intentional approach to shoes has long been a challenge of mine. When I started simplifying my wardrobe, I started out with approximately 60 pairs of shoes. A few people have told me that is insane (which it is! I know!), and that my roster of 30 shoes is still way too many. But…

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