Two Fold top + life updates

Hi everyone! Wow, I can’t believe we are only a week away from Christmas!

We put up our Christmas tree Friday night. We only just had the time to rearrange some furniture and make room for it. We’ve definitely outgrown our apartment, and the house hunting is in full swing but without much progress so far. We’re  hoping to buy a home, but we live in a super congested area of Connecticut with crazy housing prices, so a condo might be more likely – but we’ll see.

I’m really excited that I finally received this Two Fold top that I ordered as part of The Garment holiday pop-up. Good things take time! I love the color, and I think it’s so meaningful how each one of this particular top is made-to-order, so it took about 3 weeks to get to me. That makes me look at it and recognize all of the work and care that goes into making quality clothes. I was going to save it and wear it for the first time on Christmas Eve, but I just couldn’t wait.

I’m wearing more natural fabrics lately – this Two Fold top is wool twill and the Ozma kimono wrap top pictured below is washed silk. Keeping my eyes peeled for a wool midi skirt as well. I saw one for sale through 1919 Vintage but I hesitated to go check it out in more detail and it got scooped up. I like how this kimono top can be a top or a jacket – similar to the Pamut top I featured in this post. (But did I tell you I accidentally shrunk that top? Argh! It was devastating. Never sort laundry when you’re tired. I told you careful washing is so important. I’m so mad at myself.)

I’m concerned about the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics, the more I learn about it. Every time you use your washing machine, small fibers are released from your clothing into the water (this is particularly true of clothes made of polyester). One piece of clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash. Sea life then mistakes these fibers for food, similar to microplastic pollution.


My hair is totally crazy lately, so just ignore that! I need to find a new mousse I think (would like to get one that’s cruelty-free, I currently use L’Oreal), plus get a haircut since I still have my long wedding hair and it’s just getting so tangled all the time. I just don’t feel like spending my money on that at the moment, though. Also – New Year’s Resolution is better quality photos for the blog. Things are so hectic that sometimes I’m glad I get a photo of what I’m wearing at all, but I’d like to continuously improve.



In other news, I have made an exciting purchase recently…a new laptop! My laptop is from college (so, it’s about 7 years old) and it is about to bite the dust, which I can’t afford to have happen with my freelance and volunteer work. I invested in the HP Spectre; I like that it becomes a tablet that you can handwrite on with a stylus. I always feel more creative when I’m writing by hand, and can’t wait for it to arrive!

I’ve also earmarked a few more pieces from my closet to resell. I’m still trying to further simplify even though it’s getting to the harder decisions. One is a rayon/silk top from Aritzia that I think it just too low cut for me to be practical. Someone taller needs to wear it! I also need to list my leather Rag & Bone leather vest. I loved it when I bought it but I’m just not getting the functionality out of it that I had hoped for. Part of keeping a smaller closet is admitting to myself that I can love a particular piece of clothing and still not have it work for my lifestyle.

All for now,


Outfit: Top, Krissy Holiday Tee, Two Fold Clothing; Jeans, Paige Verdugo Crop (old); Boots, Michael Kors (old); Scarf, Cuyana Alpaca Infinity Scarf (old); Watch, Berg + Betts; Bracelet, Half United Hex Cuff.

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