closet hellos, closet goodbyes.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted anything I’ve dreamt up myself (as in, not 10 x 10!) Traveling for work always messes up my schedule for days and days after. I feel like I just can’t get caught up on anything.

Continuing to shape my closet and define my style moving into 2018. I’ve parted with a lot of items recently via reselling them. A hot pink blazer (honestly, I don’t even know where I thought I would wear that when I bought it), a striped sweater from J.Crew that I just didn’t find myself reaching for anymore, some jewelry, several pairs of pants with an inseam that didn’t fit me properly, some shoes, and some dresses that were a little too “nightclub” for my actual real life (those were painful to sell though, because they were Reformation). And I still have more things to sell! I feel as though I really have gotten to know myself and my style so much better over the past six months, and I’m buying more items that fit my lifestyle and that look good on me, versus what is trendy.

A few new closet additions are the following (using brand images since a lot of the items haven’t actually arrived yet):

Miranda Bennett Everyday Top (mine was purchased secondhand on noihsaf.bazaar and it’s more of an off-white. You’ll see it soon in my 10 x 10!).


Cuyana French Terry Sweatshirt in quartz and the alpaca scarf in gray. These were exciting because I received two of the same gift from Cuyana for Christmas, so I was able to return one and pick out these! The alpaca scarf was interesting to shop for. I was torn between it and cashmere version, but I recently learned that alpaca is much better for the environment than cashmere. So that’s the material I went with. Of course, I am still concerned deeply about animal welfare in my clothing, but I’m not sold on some of the synthetics. Alpaca seemed like a moderately responsible choice, so I’m excited to receive it!



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