Four things I regret buying + what I learned

Bloggers, myself included, spend a lot of time discussing all the great pieces that make up their closets, as well as exciting wardrobe additions.

That said, I’ve also been trying to reflect a bit about the pieces I’ve purchased recently that haven’t worked, and why that is.

Even ethically, well-made clothes can fail to last, not fit properly or simply not be right for my closet. Since I want to avoid these scenarios as much as possible, below is my analysis of four items that I don’t reach for, have listed for resale or have donated after only a couple of wears.

1. Amour Vert Brighton Pant

I purchased these pants a few weeks ago, since I needed a slimmer-fitting black pant. When I received them, they were a little long for my frame, but the material was soft and so I decided they were worth keeping and wearing cuffed up.

I should have returned them the minute I had some reservations. The day I wore them, they ended up getting pretty saggy, and then when I washed them, that oh-so-soft material pilled all around the waistband.

I recently ordered the VETTA tapered pant from the Relaxed Capsule in sand and they are perfect (and wash well), so I ordered them in black as well.

The lesson: If you don’t love something when you try it on, you aren’t going to love it later.

2. Stella McCartney Fallabella

First of all, I love what Stella McCartney stands for – like any other ethical fashion enthusiast. Second of all, it was on sale.

So, I went ahead and bought an olive green fold-over Fallabella tote. I carried it a few times. The chain was clumsy, and my things kept getting lost in its depths. Not to mention, the rocker-vibe didn’t work at all with the rest of my minimal attire. Fortunately, I was able to consign it quickly and make my money back.

The lesson: You can love what a brand stands for, but that doesn’t mean its items work in your wardrobe. Also, proceed with caution when things are on sale.

3. Hackwith Design Shift Dress

I purchased this on Noihsaf Bazaar and was so, so excited because I had always admired Hackwith clothing. When the dress arrived, however, it was actually a denim color, not black like I had thought.

It also ran really large, and I didn’t look closely enough at the measurements listed by the seller before making the purchase.

The lesson: Buying items on consignment can be great, but it can also create a sense of urgency about making a purchase quickly so you don’t miss out. I didn’t think carefully enough about this item, and it wasn’t actually a good fit for me. It’s better to miss out than to end up with something you don’t really want.

4. Re/Done Jeans

Unsure about sizing, but knowing that Re/Done jeans tend to run wider in the leg than most jeans I wear, I sized down – still uncertain if they would work for me. When they arrived, the legs were a good fit, but the jeans were pretty snug in the bum and waist.

I thought they might stretch out a bit as cotton denim sometimes does, but after a few wears it became apparent they just weren’t comfortable, and weren’t going to fit.

The lesson: If it doesn’t fit properly in the store (or in your bathroom), it isn’t going to fit later.

Is there an item you recently purchased that you regret? What did you learn from it?




    • Thank you! Isn’t purchase regret the worst?! All I can think about is what I could have done differently with that money! Live and learn I guess!

  1. Love this post! This is definitely something I struggle with and often times, realize too late that I don’t really like something I bought and it just sits in my closet.

    • Thank you so much! I know, I always find myself practicing wishful thinking that something will work out in the end, and then I miss the return window. Ugh!

  2. I just picked up a pair of Wray pants half price on eBay, and I like them a lot, but I don’t know if I LOVE them. They’re more cropped than I wanted and the fabric attracts more cat hair than I like to deal with… now I’m thinking about cutting them into shorts?? But I should probably just cut my losses and sell them. If you buy something new and have to do surgery to make it work you should probably just move on.

    • Such a great point. I’m all for alterations or for buying something with the full intent of reconstructing it into something cool. But if you’re trying to force yourself into liking something by overhauling it, it probably isn’t a good fit. Also, LOL at the cat hair comment. Such an issue in my wardrobe, but somehow I still buy so many items in black!

  3. A navy blue Le Chateau sweater with last year’s popular cutout pattern that is just not me. I knew this trend wasn’t my usual preppy/60s ‘Audry meets Twiggy’ style but I still wanted to try and work it in for fun. So I bought a dark high-collered sweater with cut-outs sleves thinking it would be consertive but fun to wear out. I wore it to dinner once and felt uncomfortable all night.

    Lesson: While it’s fun to play with trends, stay clear of the ones that make you feel like an imposter.

    • I LOVE this! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. You make a great point about items that make you feel like an imposter – I’ve definitely had a few of those in my closet. The one that especially comes to mind is a silk slip dress where I felt just too overdressed and “look at me!” compared to my everyday style.

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