Slow Sunday + My No Spend Month

I’ve missed a few Slow Sunday posts, so I’m glad to be back at it. It’s always the perfect time to reflect on the past week and look ahead at what I’d like to achieve.

Currently reading…

Nothing too exciting- have just been reading for class, mostly. I’m only two classes away from having my Master’s (including the course I’m in now). It’s not so bad, but I’m looking forward to being done. I am craving time that is my own.

Currently loving…

Yesterday was my friend Reni’s birthday, and we spent the afternoon at a beautiful winery here in Connecticut. We had some good wine, snacks and conversation and it was so much fun! The weather was beautiful – it was nice to get a touch of spring. It’s raining and in the 30s again here today, but I feel like that bit of sunshine did me a lot of good.



Currently inspired by…

Inspired by a lot of awesome bloggers. A few of my favorites lately (both for their writing and because they are amazing people):

Goblin Shark

The Tingley Edit

Picking the Day

Currently annoyed by…

How much work I have to do today. I always overextend myself. Today isn’t really much of a slow Sunday, in reality. I think I need to work on managing my time better – the time I spend writing these posts is pretty much my only “me” time – which is great in so many ways. But sometimes, I also want to take a nap. I finished up some homework this morning, and now I have a lot of freelance and volunteer work that I have to get done today!

My No Spend Month:

Speaking of The Tingley Edit, Katie and I have teamed up on a no spend month! We met on Instagram and connected over the fact that we both wanted to do a no spend month, but felt that we needed a little support in order to succeed.

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A small selection of the things I love and things I need to fall back in love with.

We don’t have a lot of parameters, but here’s what we have decided:

  • We went through our closets this weekend and made note of items we love and want to wear this month, because they remind us that our closets are already full of beautiful things.
  • We also made note of the pieces we are hanging onto but aren’t sure about. We agreed to practice styling those items this month.
  • We agreed to keep track of what we are wearing, and to keep track of how we are feeling when we want to shop.
  • We agreed to help each other when someone sends an SOS about wanting to shop! 🙂

I’ve already learned a lot just by revisiting my closet with a more critical eye. I was telling Katie that I don’t have many clothes, but I realize I have a consistently rotating closet. Many of my clothes are fairly new. I buy things, consign things, buy more things. NOT sustainable. A small closet isn’t necessarily a responsible one.

But I’m self-aware, at least. It isn’t just about having fewer things, or ethical things, but about wearing those things more and consuming less. I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of purchasing too much recently, partially because of the ethical fashion aesthetic, which I reflected upon here.

I’m excited for our official start tomorrow, and hope you’ll follow along! Any tips for us? I also hope you’re all having a nice and restful Sunday.




  1. Love this post! I think I need a no buy partner too. I had a slip up this month I must admit (buying something impulsively online) :O I am going to get back to being good, I learnt my lesson!! xx

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