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We talk a lot about “local” these days – usually when it comes to the produce we buy or the coffee shops we go to. But, one thing that is also important to me is dressing local. I’ve covered Connecticut designer Cait Shea Designs here in the past, but seeing as I’ve recently acquired a few more items from her collection, it seemed fitting to dedicate a styling post to them.

Cait recently and generously sent me a beautiful v-neck top in natural and hand dyed scarf from her fall collection, and I have been wearing both items non-stop.

While we may get caught up in saving for the “it” slow fashion items that we see all over Instagram, there are also many local boutiques, designers and shops who are worthy of our support. With Connecticut severely lacking in shops that aren’t chain stores or mall stores, I’m always eager to explore boutiques and designers selling more unique items. Supporting local business, saving on transportation emissions and getting to know the person who made your clothes are just some of the benefits of dressing local.

I took a few detail shots of this shirt, which was ever-so-slightly wrinkly as I had a sweater over it. It is made of a washed viscose linen, has a bit of a gauzy feel to it, and is beautifully constructed. The design is simple but in no way simplistic – Cait pays attention to the details (no messy or zig-zag stitching here), thanks to her RISD fashion education. In fact, she is also a close friend of mine, and I regularly ask her to use her well-trained eye to make sure the items I choose to feature here are as well-constructed as I believe them to be. I’ve got the environmental and styling components (mostly…) handled, but I can’t sew a darn thing. Anyway, my point being, she’s the real deal.

To style this shirt for the colder weather, I focused on layers (!!! It’s fall in New England, what did you expect.).

Outfit Details: Top,  Cait Shea Designs V-Neck // Long Cardigan, VETTA Capsule // Jeans, Madewell// Scarf, Cuyana, old, similar here // Hat, Equal Uprise // Shoes, Vince Camuto, old.

The mix of neutral tones and textures, with the unique texture of this v-neck top as the key base layer, worked perfectly for a chilly fall day.

My ever-shrinking wardrobe means the majority of my clothing needs to work across seasons, and this top definitely meets that criteria.

I also styled this hand-dyed scarf. While it does have some Halloween vibes, I think when it is allowed to shine over wardrobe basics, it works throughout the entire fall season.

Outfit Details: Top, Loyale Studio Style 01 // Jeans, Madewell// Scarf, Cait Shea Designs, order upon request// Shoes, Bhava Studio

I’m looking forward to wearing these beautiful, local pieces of clothing for years to come.

What’s your favorite local shop where you live?



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