A Wholehearted Holiday: Gifts for the Environmentalist

Today, I’m continuing my holiday gift guide series with Gifts for the Environmentalist. This one was a lot of fun for me to put together, because I own quite a lot of these items or have been shopping with these brands for a long time. This might be my favorite guide of the bunch!

As a reminder – and you know the deal by now – some of the links in these posts are affiliate links, and if you shop through them, I may earn a small commission on your purchase.

1. Everlane ReNew Fleece Half-Zip

Fifteen minutes in your hand, 450 years in a landfill – that’s the reality of the life of a plastic bottle if you don’t redeem it (in Bottle Bill states) or recycle it. And when plastic enters our waterways as litter, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, choking eco-systems and entering our food and water supply. Everlane’s new ReNew collection seeks to recycle more plastic bottles and re-imagine them into stylish and lasting products. I love this fleece in the oat color, but it also comes in french blue, black, surplus and brick.

2. KeepCup

I love my KeepCup! I take coffee very seriously, so I much prefer to drink mine out of a glass travel mug than a plastic or stainless one – it just tastes better. KeepCup is BPA-free and microwave safe, and the cork grip on this one adds a special touch.

3. Bodum French Press

I was gifted this copper French press a few years ago, and it is fantastic! It looks pretty on my counter, and it also cuts down on takeaway coffee and (god forbid…) k-cups. Guests are always impressed when I bust this out.


Thinking about that Everlane fleece? A single fleece jacket sheds up to 250,000 microfibers during a single wash. So don’t forget to also invest in a GUPPYFRIEND, which protects synthetic garments and reduces the amount of microfibers that may enter rivers and oceans from washing. After washing garments in GUPPYFRIEND, remove the microfibers from the bag and throw them away in the trash.

5. Donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) works to ensure the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. I make a monthly donation to the NRDC and am proud to support their work to end the exploitation of our land, oceans and wildlife. I’m sure the environmentalist in your life would love a donation to the NRDC in their name!

6. Pamut Plant Lady Tank

How sweet is this hand-printed, organic cotton tank by Pamut Apparel? Pamut is the first brand to have ever worked with me here on this blog, and I love each of their collections more than the last! For 15% off your Pamut purchase, use code KELLIEHAYDEN15.

7. Patagonia Recycled Cashmere Hat

This cozy hat is made of recycled cashmere, and Patagonia’s commitment to the environment is worth supporting.

8. Etee Reusable Food Wraps

Say goodbye to plastic wrap! The environmentalist in your life will love this set of food wraps, which are made of hemp and certified organic cotton. Each wrap gets between 120 and 150 uses (just rinse and repeat!) and they are biodegradable.

9. Alice + Whittles Rubber Boots

Most rubber used today is a synthetic, petroleum-based material. Alice + Whittles crafts their rainboots in natural rubber that is fair-trade and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests in Sri Lanka. Additionally, their boots are manufactured in a family-run factory that provides fair pay, safe work conditions, and supports the community in which they are located. I have their phenomenal classic black ankle boot, which I talk more about hereFor 10% off your Alice + Whittles purchase, use code KELLIE10.

10. Miakoda New York Moon Leggings

Miakoda is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically-made “comfy clothing company” that exclusively uses plant-based materials (well, and maybe a little spandex). These leggings are made in New York and feature Miakoda’s signature moon icon – perfect for a hike, hanging out at home, and everything in between.



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