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No Spend Month, Week 2: Confronting my spending habits

Week 1 was about getting myself to stop thinking about shopping. But Week 2 forced me to think about it again. I had two credit card bills due this week from my last month of spending and some balances carried over. Looking these bills over made it apparent, in no uncertain terms, that while I…

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My Ethical Anniversary

Wow! Without even thinking much about it, it has been approximately one year since I made the commitment to shop more responsibly. I thought I’d reflect a bit on what has happened over the past year, what I’ve learned and what I hope to achieve moving forward. I had a couple glasses of wine before…

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When you want to give up blogging + my rainy day uniform

Wow, you guys. I am really in my feelings with posts these past two days (sorry!) Let me explain… Yesterday, I HAD it with blogging. I published my post I’ve been working on about feeling like I don’t fit the ethical fashion aesthetic, but then I kept reflecting on the topic all day. In this…

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