When you want to give up blogging + my rainy day uniform

Wow, you guys. I am really in my feelings with posts these past two days (sorry!) Let me explain…


Yesterday, I HAD it with blogging. I published my post I’ve been working on about feeling like I don’t fit the ethical fashion aesthetic, but then I kept reflecting on the topic all day. In this instance, writing about it didn’t have the cathartic effect I had hoped for.

Then, I was ruminating about my blog and Instagram statistics and generally feeling pretty negative about them (and objectively, they aren’t even bad). I purged a bunch of my prior posts that I didn’t deem “good enough.” I looked at other bloggers who I think are doing “better” than me.

I haven’t been feeling well lately. Living with depression is hard, and feelings of inadequacy definitely take hold. Sometimes randomly.

But ultimately, I decided not to give up on blogging.

All of the above feelings are the result of doing things for other people, not for myself. And that isn’t why I started this blog. Seriously, why is it so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and what other people think?

I started this to reflect upon how a more curated wardrobe makes me feel. To reflect upon how having items I truly love and making fewer decisions about getting dressed really helped me fight my depression when it was at its worst.

I feel connected to something bigger than myself when I look at a piece of clothing that was made by someone being paid a fair wage, and when I share those items with the people who do read here.

So, in that spirit, let’s talk a little bit about the above outfit.

I call this look my “rainy-day-uniform.” I like uniform dressing for certain weather or occasions, since it is one less decision to make during the day. For example, when I have to give a presentation, I generally always wear a black button-down blouse and black pants.

For rainy days, I typically always wear a black dress (I have three that I rotate between, appropriate for different temperatures), with tights (if necessary), boots and some simple jewelry.

Today I’m wearing the Amour Vert Marilyn dress that I originally featured here. I love the sleeve length for spring, and overall the dress has a really flattering cut.

I accessorized with Vince Camuto mule booties, my Berg + Betts watch, my Vrai & Oro initial necklace (not pictured – I have the Cuban link chain for it which I love) and a Sanctuary crossbody.

I also yanked my hair back, because humidity.

Do you use uniform dressing to simplify your wardrobe?




  1. I’m so glad that you decided to keep blogging! I don’t think there are very many bloggers out there who are writing about their wardrobes in the context of living with depression, and it’s pretty unique and wonderful concept. I adore your blog (and your rainy day uniform!) so I hope that you will keep it up!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, it really means so much to me ???? welcome and I’m glad you have enjoyed my posts – more to come! xx

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