Dressing Local

We talk a lot about “local” these days – usually when it comes to the produce we buy or the coffee shops we go to. But, one thing that is also important to me is dressing local. I’ve covered Connecticut designer Cait Shea Designs here in the past, but seeing as I’ve recently acquired a few more…

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Brand to Know: Cait Shea Designs (Connecticut-Made)

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Cait Clark of Cait Shea Designs. I got to learn a bit about her passion for sustainability and conscious living and browse her new shop in Chester, Connecticut. I’m so excited to share her story and shop with you, as well as show you some of the beautiful…

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No spend month, week 3: The things money can’t buy

Week three of no spend month was really all about the things money can’t buy – it’s clichéd but it is a cliché for a reason. I’ve made so many connections this month, and while I can’t say for certain that it is because of no spend month, I have a feeling that it is responsible….

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