No spend month, week 3: The things money can’t buy

Week three of no spend month was really all about the things money can’t buy – it’s clichéd but it is a cliché for a reason.

I’ve made so many connections this month, and while I can’t say for certain that it is because of no spend month, I have a feeling that it is responsible.

First, I am eternally grateful for the friendship I’ve found in Katie of The Tingley Edit. She is everything a good friend should be – virtual or otherwise. Supportive, kind, trustworthy and funny. I know I would not have even made it a week in this challenge without her, because I’ve tried it before and failed. I love our random Instagram chat conversations, our laughter over calling each other “soul sisters” after a few glasses of wine and that despite not really knowing each other, it has been so easy to confide in one another.

I’m also grateful to have reconnected this week with an old friend. Seeking happiness in experiences rather than avoiding and bandaging things by shopping (or other mindless hobbies) has helped me to open up and face tough conversations.


Friends who know you love ranunculus are good friends to have.

Lastly, I’m thrilled to have connected with some inspiring and kind Connecticut bloggers and makers, especially Laura of Twenty Five Plus Five and Cait of Cait Shea Designs.

Laura is a smart, funny and savvy writer who brings such an approachable tone to fashion and healthy living. I especially love seeing all her Instagram stories, and it is wonderful to know a local blogger.

Cait Shea Designs is a sustainable slow-fashion line based in Chester, Connecticut that uses only natural fibers and plant-based dyes. I’m so looking forward to making a trip up to her shop when no spend month ends.

Would I have met or reconnected with all these people if I didn’t put myself out there and commit to a no spend month?


But it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.

All for now.




  1. Aw, Kellie! Thank you so much for the shout-out. There is so much that I admire about you- mostly the honesty in all of your posts. Rock on with your no-spend month. You’re inspiring me to do the same one of these days. xoxoxo

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