No Spend Month,Week 4 + Books to Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe + GIVEAWAY

And just like that, my No Spend Month with Katie of The Tingley Edit is complete! It has been a whirlwind month full of self-discovery, new friendships and wardrobe revelations. I’m so thankful that you guys all came along for the ride, and maybe (hopefully) some of you are inspired to do a no spend…

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No Spend Month, Week 2: Confronting my spending habits

Week 1 was about getting myself to stop thinking about shopping. But Week 2 forced me to think about it again. I had two credit card bills due this week from my last month of spending and some balances carried over. Looking these bills over made it apparent, in no uncertain terms, that while I…

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No Spend Month, Week 1

I’ve officially finished week 1 of my No Spend Month with The Tingley Edit! I successfully made it through the week without any fashion purchases (I did end up with a tattoo though? As one of my Instagram friends said – “The cost per wear is super low on those!” 🙂 Anyways.) I feel like…

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