No Spend Month, Week 1

I’ve officially finished week 1 of my No Spend Month with The Tingley Edit!

I successfully made it through the week without any fashion purchases (I did end up with a tattoo though? As one of my Instagram friends said – “The cost per wear is super low on those!” ­čÖé Anyways.)

I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit about myself in just one short week. I made sure to keep track of when I wanted to shop (I just used the Notes app on my phone), so that at the end of the month I can have a better understanding of my shopping habits.

I noticed that on Tuesday evening, on just day 2 of my no spend month, I was aimlessly browsing the web. I had a stressful day and was feeling sort of low, looking for that temporary rush of happiness from a new purchase. Instead, I decided to focus my energy on trying a new vegan recipe, and I’m proud that I channeled that energy into trying something instead of buying something. The happiness from a purchase only lasts so long, and just a few days later I’m always looking for that feeling again.

Wednesday was also a bit tricky, as the Cuyana circle belt bag came back in stock and I have been on the wait list for it. Katie offered me some great support to not shop when I sent out the SOS. While it was tough in the moment, I realized by the end of the week I had forgotten about the bag. It’s funny how if we just put a bit more thought into our purchases, we usually realize we don’t want the item┬áthat badly.

Wednesday evening through Friday I was in New York City for some work meetings. Being with other creative people and in a seriously cool hotel┬ákept me focused on connections and experiences, rather than things. I think things will be a bit tougher this week, since I’ll be on my regular schedule and it tends to get pretty dull.

I definitely need to find ways to liven up my evening routine. What do you guys usually do when you get home from work? I always fall into a rut of eating and then just doing homework or whatever in front of the TV. A few nights I do go to the gym.

I got a really great tip from @giaochi__ for making it through the month (she on a shopping ban until June!) She recommended keeping a list on my phone of items that I want to purchase throughout the month. Then at the end of this challenge, I can go back and review what items I actually really do want to consider purchasing, and which were just random impulses. I reviewed my week 1 list yesterday and already noticed a few items that I put on there that I know definitely don’t fit my long-term closet goals, or my personal style.

All for now – xx.

Oh- P.S. Happy Fashion Revolution week – more to come on that!

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