The pieces I’m loving lately

I haven’t posted recently about what I’ve been wearing lately for a few reasons – I’ve been super busy with my volunteer work, a lot of my closet workhorses are at the dry cleaner (I’m not a fan of dry cleaning in general but it seems like so many ethically made pieces are dry clean only. Note to self to explore that in a future post.), and I’ve felt like a lot of my photos aren’t “blog-worthy.”

Blogging today is definitely more about your visual content than your written content, but seeing as my friends, or husband, or mom, take my photos, I’m not always able to get the highest quality images of what I’m wearing. My photographers just aren’t always available to take a photo when I’m wearing a particular piece! Also, I always feel sort of weird asking people to take pictures of my outfit. Maybe that’s something you just have to get over if you want to blog.

But, I decided to post some of the pieces I’ve been wearing over and over lately anyways, because I’m starting to notice a few trends in the things I gravitate toward. I hope making note of this will help me to be more thoughtful in my clothing choices moving forward.

Camel & cashmere 


I love wearing camel/tan, it feels so classic. I bought this sweater recently, secondhand through Poshmark. It’s a wool/cashmere blend, and it does shed a little – but I still can’t believe someone would have parted with it! It’s so soft, and everyone always comments on how cozy it looks! (P.S. these high-waisted button fly Madewell jeans, while not of an ethical brand, were a great investment for me. They fit in my budget, and fit me really well. I wear them so often).

Multi-way pieces


I’m loving pieces that can be worn multiple ways, like this Vetta¬†long cardigan, which can be worn as I have it here, or buttoned up and worn as a dress with the accompanying belt, and worn either with the buttons in the front or in the back.

Simple basics


More camel (!) and these over-the-knee boots that I bought secondhand had me feeling my best. So comfortable but I still felt stylish! I’ve also been wearing this Jimani Collections necklace a lot, which I got in the Fall Causebox (anyone else a Causebox subscriber? The Fall box was my first one – I was really happy with it!). I feel like it jazzes up all my solid sweaters.

All stripes, all the time!


I love this top (I don’t even know where I got it or when) but it’s a little short with a ruffle on the bottom. It looks a little dressy when I leave it out, but I am also able to tuck it in with high-waisted jeans for a more casual look. I also just really love stripes. I gravitate toward this top a lot when I’m getting dressed.

I’m looking forward to getting my dry cleaning back because I’d like to do a few more “styled” posts, but in the meantime couldn’t resist sharing these outfits. I’m thinking this might be the beginning of me determining a palette for my wardrobe, so I can start to focus more on what pieces work well together, and have some more guidelines in place for when I add new things to my wardrobe.

Do you have a color palette for your closet? Or do you just buy whatever you love and feel like works for you? I’m worried a palette might be too limiting, but looking at the above…maybe I wouldn’t even notice. Would love to get your thoughts, and hope everyone had a great weekend.


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