Defining my closet’s color palette

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Have been thinking a lot lately about color palettes. I’ve been feeling really inspired by photos of minimalist closets, and have also come to the realization that while I have a lot of amazing clothes, they aren’t necessarily interchangeable in all the ways I’d like them to be.

I find that I still have too many tops or sweaters where I might go to wear it, and then think to myself “Oh but, X item is dirty and that’s what I need to wear it with.”

First, I acknowledge that this probably isn’t entirely true- I need to make more effort to find new and different ways to wear my clothes. But, I also think it is a good indicator that moving forward, I should purchase my garments with color in mind so I don’t keep ending up with patterned pants that only go with THAT ONE pink top (or whatever the case may be). This is not permission for me to go out and start buying a bunch of things to adhere to my color scheme, but it is an exercise in awareness.

The core colors were easy. If I take an inventory of my closet, the majority of my clothes are black, camel, gray and white. I feel best in them and they mix and match well –  a no-brainer!

For my accent colors, blush was also a no-brainer. I have a few light pink clothes, and it’s my favorite color (besides black, that is). It’s my go-to for when I need to wear something more feminine. Rust isn’t a color I wear often, but I have a couple of pieces and I like how unexpected it is, and how well it pairs with my core colors. My last accent color was a hard choice, though. Navy (and similar shades of blue) work well with my other colors, and I have a lot of navy clothing already. I did consider using emerald instead because I think it’s a flattering color for me, but I asked myself how often would I really wear it (besides my emerald coat). I guess I could always make changes later if this doesn’t work out for me?

For the patterns – all stripes, all the time. I always regret it when I buy something polka dot or floral, anyway. I also love plaid and flannel, but didn’t include it because it’s so seasonal (I have just one or two flannel/check/windowpane pattern shirts).

Do you have a palette for your wardrobe? What colors do you find you wear the most?



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