Closet staple: Cuyana ribbed open-back sweater

I recently wrote¬†about Cuyana and this sweater, but wanted to make a dedicated post to it because I think it’s a great addition to any closet.

It’s a blend of Italian merino wool and cashmere, and is available in ecru, gray, or black. I went with the ecru when I ordered it – since my closet is mostly black, I decided to mix it up!

The split, geometric back makes it great for dressing up or down. I wear it with a tank top or t-shirt underneath for the office, and without layers in the evening. It’s a great transitional piece since the open back prevents it from being too heavy, though it is definitely warm enough for our New England winters!

I also love the gold button detail on the back, it’s simple but elegant.

The price was definitely a splurge for me (eeek!), but I’ve already worn it several times and know I’ll continue to do so – it’s a classic piece.

What also made the difference when I was deciding whether or not to purchase it is that it isn’t dry clean only, as a lot of beautiful sweaters tend to be. It feels a lot more wearable and functional knowing I can gently wash it at home (and dry clean only if I really feel like I need to, or if it gets stained).

I feel as though I’m getting a lot better at asking myself the right questions before making purchases – like what I can mix this piece with (but does it stand well on it’s own)? and acknowledging that I’ve owned way too many dry-clean only pieces in the past, sacrificing functionality for beauty.¬†Spending a little more on clothing has also forced me to ask myself, “How much do I really need and/or want this?” before adding something to my closet.
Cuyana Sweater 2

Cuyana Sweater 3

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Folded

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Knit

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Detail 1

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Detail 2

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Detail 3

Cuyana Ribbed Sweater Detail 4

Sweater: Cuyana // Jeans: Zara, thrifted // Boots: Sam Edelman, thrifted




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