Conscious brand to know: Pamut Apparel

I was first introduced to Pamut Apparel on Instagram, and am so glad to have discovered the brand.

Pamut believes in sustainable fashion that has a positive impact on the community. They support environmental and social causes, encouraging people to #wearwhatyoubelieve.

Pamut’s clothing is made of 100% organic cotton, and garments are produced fairly in North Carolina. Not to mention, Kat, the founder of Pamut, is absolutely lovely, and the clothing is so well-made and gorgeous! While I love that the designs are unique and support a variety of causes, it’s the quality that’s without a doubt my favorite thing about the brand.

When I received my first Pamut pieces in the mail, I could feel the difference in the clothing compared to other cotton pieces I own from mass-market brands. The stitching is flawless, and the material felt substantial in my hands.

Elliot Wrap Top 3

Get the scoop: Pamut Apparel Elliot Wrap Top

I cannot say enough good things about the Elliot Wrap Top. I love the material so much – organic cotton drapes so nicely and is still lightweight. Plus, this can be worn either tied as a wrap top, or open as a casual jacket. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it as a jacket with the ties showing, but it truly does look great either way and I don’t think the ties distract from the overall appearance. In fact, I actually think I prefer it as a jacket, as the vee is a little too low on me when worn as a wrap top (I’m 5’3″ for reference), and I did have to wear a camisole with it. But, it is nice how the wrap top is dressier and the jacket is more casual. A functional piece.

Elliot Wrap Top 1

Elliot Wrap Top 4

Pamut Elliot Wrap 2

Pamut Elliot Wrap 3

Wrap top: Pamut Apparel // Gray tee: old – T.J. Maxx? // Jeans: Zara, thrifted // Boots: Vince Camuto // Necklace: Komuso Design // Bag: Sezane

Get the scoop: Pamut Apparel Wyatt Tee

I was a little confused about how the Wyatt tee could fit a size 2-10, since I’m a somewhat small human (ha!), so I was curious to receive it in the mail. Much to my surprise – and happiness! – it fit beautifully and wasn’t cut too low in the armpits, which was a big concern for me when ordering it. I prefer it tucked in, though it looked nice over leggings as well (but a bit too casual for how I’d typically dress). This particular tee supports one of Pamut’s core causes – racial equality and unity. I love the pinky swear design, it’s both chic and meaningful.

Pamut Wyatt Tee 1

Pamut Wyatt Tee Outtake

Pamut Wyatt Tee 2

Pamut Wyatt Tee 3

Pamut Wyatt Tee 4

Pamut Wyatt Tee 5

Tee: Pamut Apparel // Jeans: Madewell // Boots: Sam Edelman, thrifted // Bandana: Madewell

Overall, Pamut Apparel is definitely a brand to know – they care about the environment, the community and make gorgeous, quality clothes.

I’d love to know what Pamut piece you like best! Check out their website and let me know in the comments.

For 15% off your Pamut Apparel purchase, use code KELLIEHAYDEN15. 🙂


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