Review: Komuso Design The Shift necklace

I recently added Komuso Design’s The Shift necklace to my jewelry collection, which I’ve had my eye on for some time. You can learn more about Komuso Design’s story here.

The Shift is a piece of dual-purpose jewelry, which not only looks beautiful but also helps the wearer manage anxiety and stress.


Komuso claims that when you exhale through The Shift, it slows your breath down – quieting your mind, lowering your heart rate, relaxing your muscles and improving your focus. It’s ideal for those who want to be more present and mindful.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, the claims piqued my interest. I also liked that the necklace was made in the USA and thought the design was gorgeous.

But I was curious – did it actually work?

How to Shift:

  • Inhale. Take a slow breath in through your nose and become aware of your thoughts.
  • Exhale. For ten seconds, exhale through The Shift. The Shift slows your breath down, allowing you to relax.
  • Restore. Bring your mind back to the present.
  • Repeat. Repeat as necessary.

My experience:

The Komuso Design shopping experience was great. I had my necklace in only three days, and it was packaged really nicely in a box, dust bag and with instructions on how to Shift.

The necklace itself is gorgeous. I chose the 14k gold option. It features a small Komuso logo and KOMUSO along the breath entry point. It also reads “stillness” in Japanese.



I was so excited that I had to immediately try exhaling through it. I was surprised to see just how much my breath slowed down; it was actually a pretty strange sensation.

I wore it to work the next day and got a lot of compliments and questions about it (“Is it a whistle?”) so it’s fun that this is a bit of a conversation piece. One of my coworkers ordered one after she saw mine, and my best friend liked it so much that she asked if I would consider getting her one as a Christmas gift!

I used The Shift periodically throughout the day (fortunately my desk is a bit secluded, because I think I might feel a little weird breathing through my necklace in front of people? Not decided on that yet). It definitely helped me to manage my breathing, and I see how this is a great piece for meditation, as well.

What sealed the deal for me in enthusiastically recommending this piece, though, is the fact that I missed it on the one day I didn’t wear it. I was having a super stressful day and thought, “Ugh, I wish I had worn The Shift today.” So for me, that shows it has had a noticeable affect on my mindfulness and anxiety management.

I’m looking forward to using this in a more purposeful way (such as through meditation or yoga) beyond just wearing it in my daily life. I’ve found it to be a really meaningful and practical addition to my jewelry collection – a stunning little pause button on life.

The Shift is available in 14k gold, slate, rose gold and sterling silver.

EDIT: Komuso was kind enough to give me a discount code for you guys! Want 15% off your Komuso Design order? Use code WW15.




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