Holiday recap

Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, and is looking forward to the New Year!

I haven’t been able to finish as many posts as I had hoped over the past few days since I haven’t been feeling well (as you know if you follow me on Instagram, it’s a long story not worth getting into) but it looks like I’m on the upswing which is great. I wasn’t at one-hundred-percent for Christmas, but hoping to feel a lot more like myself for New Year’s this weekend!

Christmas with my family was still great, despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling well. We were with M’s family last year which I loved, but my parents moved into a new house this year so I think it was important for them to have the house feel full and lively, so we were with them this year. My mom and I still feel sad about our old house, even though we are making memories in this new one.

It was also our first married Christmas! I feel bad that M had to spend a lot of time helping me since I wasn’t feeling well, but we still had a nice time and I’m thrilled that he loved his gifts! I was most excited about the Nisolo shoes I got for him, since he really needed shoes.

We all sat by the fireplace, played board games (Logos and Trivial Pursuit this year) and ate some delicious food. We also brought Luna and Ares with us (our cats, if you had forgotten their names) and stayed overnight at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve.

I am noticing how making more mindful purchases is affecting more than just my closet. I felt a lot calmer about shopping this year, and didn’t really ask for a lot of things. My closet feels full and functional as is, so I just requested some clothing and accessories I’ve been wanting but didn’t necessarily feel like I could add to my closet myself, and a lot of books. Side thought – it’s weird how when you make the shift to a more conscious closet, how much more time you actually spend shopping. So much more research goes into the gifts I buy or the things I buy myself, yet at the same time it feels easier to make decisions on what to buy and wear since I’m better informed. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I’m so excited with and grateful for the gifts I received! They are such beautiful items- either clothing I had asked/ hoped for or really thoughtful items that my friends and family thought I would like, knowing my growing interest in slow fashion.

Here are the awesome pieces joining my closet and home in 2018 – thanks to my amazing friends and family (also…a few needed items to me, from me. I really needed more pants. The Reformation top was a little frivolous, but, okay. Thanks me!)


What was your favorite thing you received for Christmas? What was your favorite thing you gave? For me, my favorite thing I received is a tie between my Cactus and Cuyana Gold Bar Belt. I’m happiest about Matt’s Nisolo shoes, like I said before. 🙂


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