Weekend recap + Christmas part 2

What a great weekend it has been! How’s everyone doing?

M. and I spent the weekend in New York visiting his family for Christmas part 2. Since we were with my family this year for actual Christmas, we got together with his parents and siblings for a really nice dinner, some gifts and some board games.

His mom was even nice enough to have some vegan options for me, since she knows that I’m participating in Veganuary and trying my best not to eat animal products. And it was so good! Especially the asparagus she made, which is my all time favorite vegetable. I had brought my own boxed vegan mac & cheese by Daiya just in case (since I don’t want to inconvenience anyone) but I didn’t even need it.

We were up pretty late playing games and just watching TV, and they had the fireplace going which was so cozy. When we finally have our own home I’d really like to have a fireplace.

Today we all went to brunch at Henry’s at the Farm – so pretty and the food was so delicious! I had the Henry’s Salad, which had lettuce, jackfruit, endive, sunflower seeds…etc. Yum!




At the beginning of the weekend I got some really great news, also! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably learned about my love for Komuso Design jewelry. I reviewed their Shift necklace here.

Well, the team there came across my post and contacted me with some really kind words about my blog. They also gave me a brand ambassador code to share with you guys, for 15% off your Komuso purchase! (Full disclosure- I don’t get anything if you use my code. Just trying to share the brands I love with you all and grow my blog readership – not making any money off my friends / readers / community).

So, you can now use code CK15 on their website! I really can’t thank them enough for their kindness. 🙂 You can also always check out my list of my favorite conscious brands and any of my active coupon codes here.

I really love their Stillness necklace – might be a later addition to my jewelry collection.

P.S. – how cute is this Amour Vert top and these Re/Done jeans?




What was everyone else up to this weekend?


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