Winter 10 x 10 picks + day one

Hi everyone! So, I’ve decided to jump in to the Winter 10 x 10 challenge. I have followed along with past ones, but always felt that I maybe wasn’t quite there yet with my capsule wardrobe skills to participate (and put it out there for everyone to see). But, I’ve decided to join in on the fun this time. Started a day late, but better late than never.

I’ve actually posted the below images to my Instagram already (the beauty of Instagram is when I’m pressed for time I can still get content up, the bad part is that it makes me a little blog-lazy). I’m going to also try to get day two’s outfit up here later today, so that I can be all caught up on my schedule.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the 10 x 10 challenge was created by responsible style blogger Lee Vosburgh and is co-hosted by Carolyn Joy.

How it works: You pick ten pieces of clothing (including shoes!) to wear for ten days, as ten different outfits. There are some loose guidelines to make it work for everyone’s lifestyle – you can add extra shoes if you need, accessories don’t count (mix it up!), lounge wear and gym wear don’t count in the ten items, etc. I added a cami to mine (I guess technically an undergarment, but some people might wear it as a top) and I’m not counting outerwear because it’s freezing here, so that’s a necessity.

Below are the pieces I picked, and why. I was going to give a better view of them, but you’ll see them all as I wear them so that might make it more fun.


  1. rag & bone harrow booties: I recently purchased these secondhand, and I picked them because they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, but the heel allows me to dress them up as well.
  2. Madewell high-rise button fly jeans: I just love these jeans. They’re thick with just a little stretch and the high rise is flattering with basically any top.
  3. VETTA Capsule culottes: These wide leg pants are perfect for the office or to dress up. They also have detachable suspenders, so you can wear them as more of an overall, which makes them versatile and functional.
  4. Target chambray shirt: This top is really old but one of my favorites. It has definitely gotten more than 30 wears. It’s so soft and can be dressed up for the office or worn casually.
  5. Amour Vert petal dress: This simple, lightweight black dress by Amour Vert, with a dropped waist, is perfect for layering. I haven’t really thought through all the ways I’ll wear it though (maybe throw a top over it and make it like a skirt?) So this one will be interesting.
  6. Softwalk Chelsea boot: Bought these in Norway last year when I didn’t have boots packed and the weather was awful. They’re so comfortable!
  7. LOFT striped long-sleeve tee: Honestly, I just really like stripes.
  8. Miranda Bennett Studio everyday top: I snagged this top on @noihsaf.bazaar. The silk noil fabric is both breathable and warm when layered.
  9. Philosophy suede cropped tee: I love this little suede top. I purchased it in Greece last year at a boutique. It’s great to dress up, so comfortable and machine washable.
  10. Cuyana open-back sweater: I’ve featured this a few times so I’ll just keep things brief. This sweater is so warm, has a modern split back and is beautifully made.
  11. (Plus my cami).

Okay, so this all brings me to my day one of the challenge. This was pretty easy since I had everything to choose from. I was going to a concert with a friend as well, so I knew that my Madewell jeans, Philosophy top and rag & bone boots made sense from both a style and practicality standpoint.


Also, here’s a rare glimpse of our apartment, I never photograph it much since we’re so cramped in here (as you know from me mentioning our house hunting, probably). Not shown: all the things being stored on top of the cabinets. Ha!

I’ve already run into a bit of an issue with the challenge, in that the concert I attended was at a casino, so my clothes got so smoky smelling (and so did my hair). I hate that! So I am actually washing everything as we speak, so it will be all fresh for today/tomorrow/etc. I was hoping to be able to wear the jeans twice, but it wasn’t going to happen.

Will aim to get today’s outfit up later! Are you participating in the challenge? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check out your blog or Instagram for inspiration!


Luna loves the 10 x 10 Challenge!


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