Winter 10 x 10 day 3

It’s day 3 of my Winter 10 x 10! Monday means it’s back to the office for me, so I wanted to wear something polished and professional. I can wear jeans to work, but I try not to wear them on Mondays, at least.

I got pretty fortunate that it has been fairly warm out, so I was able to wear my culottes with a short-sleeved top and not have to layer up with scarves, etc., since I didn’t pick a cardigan as part of my 10 x 10 (rookie mistake).

For today, I chose my Miranda Bennett Studio everyday top, which I recently purchased secondhand (though the person was selling it new with tags!) I have the silk noil version, and I love how natural the fabric looks and how comfortable it is.

I also wore my VETTA Capsule culottes, without the suspenders attached, and my rag & bone harrow boots.

To accessorize, I kept the look minimal with my Finley Jewelry choker and my Berg + Betts watch.


Thoughts on this look: I love it! The top was a bit hard to tuck in since it is slightly cropped in the front and longer in the back. When I picked these pieces it didn’t really occur to me that this could be an issue, since the VETTA culottes and my jeans are a higher rise. It ended up being a bit of a problem. But ultimately, and with some fiddling, it worked out.

I normally wouldn’t consider a billowy silhouette on both the top and bottom of my outfit since I’m fairly petite, but I do in fact feel very polished and put together thanks to the sleek lines of the culottes and the minimal jewelry.

So far, I am enjoying how this challenge is making me think differently about my clothes and branch out from the combinations I would usually wear.



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