Winter 10 x 10 days 4, 5

Combining days 4 and 5 into one post since I forgot to write one yesterday. 🙂

Day 4 was a rainy day, and so I wasn’t feeling super creative. For that reason, I kept things pretty simple.

I wore my Amour Vert petal dress and Softwalk boots from my designated 10 x 10 picks, and accessorized with tights, my Komuso Design necklace, a trench coat and a red lip.

Thoughts on this look: I do wish I had put a bit more styling effort into this outfit, but sometimes life just calls for simplicity. I think that I can make it a bit more interesting the next time I wear it during the challenge.

Thanks M., for taking my picture! You can see the reflection of his head in the microwave, LOL.

For day 5, I went with an all-denim outfit – thankfully I work in a casual office!

I wore my high-rise button fly jeans from Madewell, my Target chambray shirt and my rag & bone harrow boots as my 10 x 10 picks. I accessorized with Amarilo seamless hoops from Modern Citizen, my Cuyana scarf and my Berg + Betts watch.

(If you’re wondering why I link to some things and not others, I just link to things that are newer and I can actually find online. A lot of the items I’m wearing are a bit older.)

Thoughts on this look: I like it! It’s casual and comfortable and feels like a “get stuff done” outfit. I especially think the hoops elevate it a bit. 





Some reflections now that I’m at the halfway point in the challenge: It’s been really eye opening for me to see how creative I can be with a capsule wardrobe, and a learning experience that I probably don’t need as many clothes as I always thought I did.

I also always thought of “styling” outfits as something I just didn’t have a knack for; that was for the “real” bloggers and the “real” fashionistas. But I’m finding that I actually am good at it. I just never gave myself a chance to be before. From deliberately choosing to tuck something in, roll something up or tie a scarf, I’m seeing how small choices I make do have an impact on my wardrobe.

With the challenge halfway over, I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing my outfits so far – looking forward to the next five days!



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