Winter 10 x 10 day 6

Yesss! Feel like I’m doing a great job at keeping up with documenting my 10 x 10!

Day 6 and this is starting to get a bit more challenging – I sort of was dressed like a mime today.

I wore my LOFT striped top, VETTA culottes with the suspenders attached and my rag & bone boots as my 10 x 10 picks.

I accessorized again with my Modern Citizen/ Amarilo hoops and Finley Jewelry choker that I featured in day 5 and day 3, respectively, since I was running a little late to work and these were easily accessible in my jewelry box.

Thoughts on this look: I received a lot of compliments at the office, which is funny because as I was leaving the house this morning all I could think was, “I can’t believe I am going to the office dressed like a mime.” So maybe it was more in my head than anything else. I guess I would wear this outfit again! It’s funny how we can be so much more critical of our appearance than others might be.

In related 10 x 10 challenge news, I think I might swap out my Cuyana open back sweater for a different top, since it has been warmer here than I thought it would be and as a result I haven’t even been able to incorporate that item yet. That’s really the only thing stressing me out about the challenge, so maybe tonight I’ll just go ahead and do it. I think  I’ll grab my lightweight Cuyana sweatshirt instead – it will also add a bit of color to my capsule.

I’ve been brainstorming/ doodling the rest of my outfits and I think if I make that swap I’ll finish the challenge strong!


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