Winter 10 x 10 days 7, 8 + closet cleanout

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!

Putting my days 7 and 8 into one post since they’re somewhat similar.


Thoughts on this look: I wasn’t really a fan. I actually wanted to wear my chambray top with this Amour Vert dress for day 7, but I forgot to wash it, and it did need to be washed! So I wore my Cuyana sweatshirt and scarf instead – items I love, but just not so much in this combination. Oh well. It was Friday, so who cares. You can’t win ’em all.


Thoughts on this look: I like it! I mean, it’s pretty basic, but it was perfect for a Saturday spent catching up on freelance projects and cleaning out my closet. So, comfort and being basic were actually pretty important. Again, it’s the Madewell jeans, and the Cuyana sweatshirt as it should be rightfully worn. I accessorized with this Jimani Collections necklace.

But onto my closet cleaning. What a doozy! Took a few hours. I have, for the longest time, been saying how I’m both proud of how far my closet has come, and feeling like I need to do more to clean out what I don’t really wear. I still have a long way to go, and I still have too many things. Aspiring minimalist, you know?

But I’m really proud of the below photos, because if you saw where I started two years ago, as a fast-fashion obsessed clotheshorse, you would be stunned by this. Really.

I was going to do an audit and tally up how many I have of each category of item, but honestly I’m not sure it’s the best use of my time right now with some other things I’ve got going on, and I think the photos give me (and hopefully you) a good idea of where I’m at currently.



(My pants and handbags and some casual wear are on the bottom shelves (but our storage space is small and I couldn’t get back far enough to take the photo due to some Christmas decor and furniture we have stored. Did I mention we only have one closet, which M. uses?) and shoes are on a dedicated rack, but I haven’t finished going through those yet. I have ~30 pairs.

LOL, also it’s worth pointing out my collection of white button downs are a necessity, because when I work trade shows I have a specific uniform and I need enough button downs for five days without being able to do laundry. And maybe this is TMI, but you sweat, a lot, working a show all day. So just ignore that! Sometimes, we can’t avoid having certain things.

The thing I’m the most proud of in these photos is the alignment with my defined color palette. Outside of a few red/ burgundy pieces that are seasonal for the holidays, I’ve been in keeping with what I committed myself to, and I’m happy about that.

Something else I’m really happy about lately is how much I’ve been able to connect with the conscious fashion community here and on Instagram. I’m such a newbie and this group of people continues to be the most welcoming and inspiring bunch I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful to have their support and guidance in my journey.

Lastly, want to share this quote that really spoke to me this weekend – not just as it relates to fashion, but as it relates to all things. I hope you enjoy it as well.








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