Weekend outfits + caring for your clothes

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!

Having a fun weekend so far – went to dinner with M. last night (we tried a new Indian restaurant and it was phenomenal), got a lot of work done today, and spending some quality time with cats.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing so far – I’m nothing if not consistent, ha!



Details: Open back sweater, Lulu’s, old; Sweatshirt, Cuyana; Leggings, Lou & Grey, old; Mules, ABLE (the color I have is on sale!); Tote, Cuyana; Scarf, Cuyana.

But onto the purpose of this post – I want to spend a little time talking about caring for your clothes. While part of conscious fashion is about buying from fair and ethical brands, a MAJOR part of it is taking good care of the clothing you already have.

Did you know that 25% of the carbon footprint of clothing comes from the way we care for them?

Here are some tips to reduce your impact and maximize the lifespan of your clothing.


I’ve also been spending some time familiarizing myself with laundry care symbols, and I make sure to always double check the tag of my clothing before washing – in the past, there have been some tears over pieces being washed incorrectly and damaged beyond repair.

Additionally, I have been working, as I refine my wardrobe, to cut back on dry clean only pieces. Not only does it get expensive to launder them, but dry cleaning uses so many harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment.


[image via The Laundry Center]

How would you rate your clothing care skills – excellent? Needs improvement? Somewhere in the middle?







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