Outfit roundup 2.27.2018

What I’ve been wearing lately…

Embracing a simpler wardrobe has really done wonders for me. I don’t spend my mornings fussing over picking out statement necklaces, and I feel like I have so much room in my brain for other things! Which is a big deal for me.

I do still have a lot of pieces in my closet that I don’t really love though, but feel like I CAN’T get rid of – either because of cost, or because I do like the item but just don’t know how to wear it, etc. What do you do when you aren’t sure when/ if/ how to part with something? Put it aside and revisit it later? Force yourself to wear it and really assess it? I don’t know. It’s the same dilemma for the millions of worn out t-shirts I have. I always think – but I can wear them to clean, or relax! But they just take over everything!

I did make some huge progress though, in that I recently consigned my Stella McCartney foldover Fallabella. I know, I know – I just bought it. But I learned I can love what a brand represents and absolutely not have their items work for me. The bag was too deep and my things got lost, I found it hard to detangle the satchel straps and shoulder strap and the loose, casual look didn’t work with the simple or streamlined style of most of my clothes. Oh well, a lesson learned. I already was able to sell it and made most of my money back.

But back to what I’ve been wearing lately. I really like all these outfits, because I feel like the time saved in digging through a bunch of ill-fitting clothes has allowed me to actually have time to style my frizzy hair, or put a few things together more thoughtfully, etc.


Top: Express, super old!; Jeans: Reformation; Boots: Softwalk; Bag: Coach (also an oldie but goodie!); Necklace: Anthropologie

Since the average piece of clothing is worn only seven times, and this outfit is comprised of pieces I’ve gotten a ton of wear out of, I’m really proud of it!


Dress: Loft; Belt: Cuyana; Boots: rag & bone; Necklace: Finley Jewlery; Watch: Berg + Betts

Dressier than I usually go – had an offsite meeting.


Sweater: It is well LA; Jeans: Madewell; Boots: Michael Kors; Bag: Coach; Necklace: Windblown Jewelry; Watch: Berg + Betts.

I recently purchased this It is well sweater during The Garment virtual pop-up. It was hard to resist this one since the theme was loungewear. 🙂


Tee: Free Label; Jeans: Abercrombie

I also purchased this tee during the loungewear pop-up (oops…and I have two more pieces coming!!) but it sure is the perfect black tee. I’m going to photograph it in some better light and do an overall review of my Free Label pieces. This was just a quick snap in the hotel M. and I stayed at this weekend on our mini-vacation.

More to come…




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