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Today I want to talk about an ethical fashion brand that is really close to my heart – Free Label.

Free Label was the very first ethical brand I purchased from when I decided to truly make a commitment to a more thoughtful closet in March 2017, and so their clothes represent a lot to me when it comes to my fashion journey.

I had dabbled in ethical brands before, which I’ve talked about in some of my past posts, but Free Label was the brand that helped me most connect with this closet philosophy.

I stumbled across them when I was trying to find some ethical basics that were flattering and reasonably priced. I found a few lists on the web, including one on Sutton & Grove. The name “Free Label” spoke to me in some way, so I clicked over to the site and was immediately hooked.

The curated selection was a breath of fresh air – I didn’t have to endlessly click through products to actually find what I wanted. I also was impressed to see activewear that wasn’t activewear as I had always known it – the shiny, high-tech fabrics that cost a fortune yet look out of place anywhere except at the gym. Free Label’s flattering cuts, soft, natural fabrics and subtle but meaningful details (such as the baseball hems and vertical back seams) all signaled clothing that would be just as appropriate for dinner and drinks with a friend as they would be at yoga class. I realized my closet could be so much more versatile than I thought.

You can learn more about Free Label’s story here. Their clothes are ethically made in Toronto and Vancouver, and their cotton and bamboo materials are sourced from India and the USA from eco-certified producers and then milled into fabric in Toronto. Free Label fabric is also processed and dyed locally according to Oeko-tex eco-standard.

I love, so much, how they describe their mission…

We care about making beautiful, versatile clothing for the modern (always moving) woman. But just as much as we care about making great clothes, we care about making them responsibly and with great care.

My first purchases were their best-selling Andie bra and cutout tights (no longer available).



I love that this bra is reversible and, if you were feeling more daring than me, could be worn as a crop top with high-waisted jeans. I love to wear it with the v in the back, personally, and the material feels so good. True to size.

The cutout tights are my FAVORITE. LEGGINGS. EVER. They’re cute and feminine, and the high-rise is very flattering. Despite being called a tight, they are opaque. True to size.

I followed this up with the tulip top (my favorite shirt that I own).


I love that this top can be worn with the tulip in the front or the back, and that it is truly reversible (no scratchy tag bothering you when you flip it around – as I have it here). The tulip back top keeps me cool at yoga, but it also looks really cute to wear on a night out. I sized up, since I don’t like my clothes to be too cropped.

Then the Sunday pant (not currently available)…


I mean, have you ever seen a lounge pant look this good? I can actually leave the house in these and look put together. The ruching at the ankles is that perfect, elevated detail. 

And the Johnny tee lite.


I purchased this during the recent Garment pop-up, because I just couldn’t resist. It’s a beautiful basic tee, with one of the most flattering cuts I’ve ever seen on a t-shirt.

Currently on my want list are the Monday pant and the Betty tank (I seriously think I’m on my way to a closet that is 1/3 Free Label, ha!) Also, they totally have clothes in colors BESIDES black! I just happen to prefer black when I’m working out, and these pieces do double-duty for me for workouts and just well, regular life!

What piece of clothing started your ethical fashion journey?




  1. I absolutely love this post! I’m new to my journey of making a conscious closet and have been so overwhelmed by how many companies there are. I will definitely be checking out this company.

    P.S. the tulip top on you is soooo cute! Might need to buy one for myself.

    xo Logan

    • Thank you so much! You should definitely check them out, their clothes are amazing and the tulip top is one of my favorite pieces I own!

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