slow sunday 3.18.2018

I feel a little guilty about having two slow Sunday posts with nothing in-between, but things have been a little busy and I haven’t had the chance to finish up some content I had planned.

That said, I always try to make an effort to commit to Slow Sunday, because I like taking the time to reflect.

Currently reading…

I’m still reading The Curated Closet, but since I’m working through the activities it isn’t really a relaxing read / bedtime read. So, I’ve also started reading No Mud, No Lotus. It’s a zen Buddhist book about how happiness cannot exist without suffering, and how to work through our suffering to be more mindful and peaceful.


Currently loving…

I recently got my bonus at work, so after paying my credit card for the month and putting a bunch into savings, I decided to treat myself 🙂 (big time).

I have been eyeing these Vrai & Oro earrings from their limited essentials collection for months. I finally was able to afford them and since they hadn’t sold out, maybe it was meant to be! I love how different they are, like wearable art.

I tend to buy nearly all my own jewelry, even though it’s traditionally a gift, because I don’t really feel comfortable suggesting things like this for gifts or special occasions.


Currently inspired by…

I had a pretty deep conversation with a friend yesterday about the struggles of living with depression, and he related more than I ever thought he would. Something he said really stuck with me – “People may not understand, but they want to.” That meant a lot to me, and I’m always inspired by the kindness of the people I’m surrounded by.

I’m also really inspired by looking at home decor lately. Since M. and I are hoping to soon have a home of our own, I’ve been thinking a lot about the style we might want to go with. We used a lot of bright colors when decorating our apartment, but I’m thinking we want a more calming vibe for our next place, and M. agrees. We’ve agreed that what’s described as “Scandinavian Style” works for both of us – it’s minimal and calming for me, and it isn’t overly feminine or froo-froo for him. Some inspiration images below, via Pinterest…





Lastly, I’m inspired by Darling Magazine‘s new mission statement:


Currently annoyed by…

Went out for St. Patrick’s day yesterday (which was fun!) and I’m hurting a little bit today. So. Tired! M. got takeout for dinner so at least I don’t have to cook. Can’t wait to chow down on some avocado sushi. Also, M. and I are both traveling for work this week. Work trips can be fun, but I do always miss being in our routine, and being home with cats.



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