I renamed my site.

Hi all –

You might notice a little change around here – I renamed my site!

I haven’t even been blogging for a year so I guess it is a little weird to “rebrand,” but I never was a big fan of my site’s previous name.

It worked at the time since I needed a name, and was fun for who I am (a total cat lady), but at the same time it was a little too “precious” and didn’t ultimately convey my connection to a more ethical closet.

This name more accurately reflects all the positive things I’ve gained from working toward a more conscious wardrobe – lovely new friendships, a sense of community with the wonderful people who are also embarking on this journey, peace and calm from having less – which has helped combat my anxiety and depression in so many ways, and a sense of pride in thinking beyond myself when it comes to getting dressed. While what we wear is deeply intimate and personal, it also connects us with the world around us in profound ways. At least, it does for me. So I wanted a name that better expressed that.

Anyway – hope you like it!




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