Life updates + spring 10×10 so far

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted in awhile (I’m not sure if anyone actually notices, but, anyways 🙂 ) because a lot of things have been happening!

First things first: M. and I bought a condo! We are so thrilled to finally have our own home; it has been a long process with a lot of disappointment along the way, but we did it! We closed last Wednesday and we officially move this weekend. This week will be busy with packing, which is stressing me out a lot, to be honest. We did hire painters which will be helpful – one less thing to do ourselves. They’re starting today and should be done by Thursday. I’m excited to decorate, we’re going to go with a Scandinavian-style interior, we think. Which doesn’t match the outside, at all. Whatever!

I’m participating in the Spring 10 x 10, which is bad because it is snowing here and I didn’t adequately prepare, but is good because I can easily pack away most of my clothes and just focus on my 10 x 10 capsule.


My picks are as follows: VETTA culottes, Madewell button fly jeans in both denim and white, Joie short-sleeved blouse, Madewell white button down, Free People bodysuit, It Is Well LA sweater, Jamie + the Jones T top. Softwalk boots, Nike sneakers.

Here are some of my looks so far:


I love this outfit. I am loving monochromatic looks these days.


This outfit was boring but comfortable. We were back and forth between our apartment and condo the day I wore this to drop things off, so I didn’t want anything too fussy, anyways. Check out those under eye circles. There’s a lot going on. I’m so tired!


I would have liked this outfit more if I had more shoes to choose from in the 10 x 10. Neither sneakers nor black boots felt appropriate, but it was okay, I guess.


I love this outfit. It feels very “me”! and I love how my new Vrai and Oro half-moon earrings that I mentioned here elevate it a bit. 


And here’s a picture of the snow that is ruining everything – ha!

I’ve been waaaay too “spendy” lately, also. We need to get things for the house, but I’ve been pretty bad about adding things to my spring wardrobe. Actually, really bad. So bad I almost don’t want to admit to it here. I have gotten rid of a lot of things (and am getting rid of even more things before the move) and am seeing some gaps in my wardrobe, so that’s the part of it that is okay, and makes sense. But I’ve also been feeling really down lately, and as I have mentioned previously, I do have some unhealthy shopping habits when I feel stressed or upset. I really need a less expensive hobby.

I feel like I’ve made good choices in pieces to add to my wardrobe at least…so here are the splurges…


VETTA relaxed capsule (all the pieces, Literally, all of them).


Some Amour Vert Mules


This jacket, made from recycled leather. My $20 vegan leather jacket has held up really poorly over the years, and it was time for an upgrade. I had the funds now, so decided to invest in it.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well. What’s new with you guys? Any interesting spring wardrobe additions?






  1. I have been adding more items lately because I have some Christmas and birthday money I can put toward the purchases. I plan to really purge my closet this week while I am on spring break. I have a feeling I will find a few holes for spring/summer when I do but we will see. Good luck with the move!

    • Thanks so much! I’m trying to purge some other items from my closet this week too, so that I don’t pack and move items that I don’t really want to keep. You’ll have to let me know what wardrobe gaps you find, I’m curious!

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