What is a wholehearted wardrobe?

With my new blog name comes a lot of new thoughts. What exactly is a wholehearted wardrobe? What am I trying to achieve? Good question.

Besides it being a nice-sounding name, it’s a name that better reflects my closet goals and gives a better sense of purpose when analyzing what I wear.

One of my favorite branding/marketing exercises has always been to define a particular brand by what it is not, because it can sometimes be a fine line between what you want to be, and what you actually are.


For my blog and wardrobe, that means the following.

A wholehearted wardrobe is classic never boring. 

I will seek classic pieces that are authentic to who I am, with care put into the styling.

A wholehearted wardrobe is thoughtful never fussy.

I will select clothing that is appropriate for the occasion, as well as comfortable and stylish. I wear the clothes, not the other way around.

A wholehearted wardrobe is ethical never superior.

I will acknowledge that dressing ethically is a complex topic that combines social, environmental and economic factors, and that affording ethically made clothing is a privilege.

A wholehearted wardrobe is inward never self-absorbed.

A wholehearted wardrobe is not about keeping up appearances or getting likes and follows, but dressing in ways that make me feel good about myself, honor my values and bring me a sense of contentment.



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