I tried Amour Vert’s Sustainable Styling

Hey all! We’re halfway through the week, hope it’s treating you well!

I recently tried out Amour Vert‘s Sustainable Styling, a new, free service in which a stylist puts together various looks for you based on your sizing and style preferences. I thought I’d give you a review of my experience and how it compares to some other styling services I’ve tried!

How it worked:

I was contacted by one of Amour Vert’s stylists, as I assume were a lot of other ladies who frequently shop with them. I tend to buy a lot of clothes from them as I love the wide selection and fast shipping, as well, of course, as the fact that they stock sustainable and ethically made pieces.

My stylist asked me some questions via email (she did offer for us to chat via phone, but this week was just really crazy for me) and was extremely responsive. We discussed my sizing, what my day-to-day schedule is like, how formal my work environment is, what types of clothing I like (I provided my style Pinterest board, which I think was helpful!) and if I have any gaps in my wardrobe currently.

A little while later, I received a link to a gallery of five outfits curated based on my feedback, including style names and color information. So simple!

My stylist’s recommendations:

The outfits recommended to me ranged from casual (combinations of jeans, blouses and sneakers) to dressier. I fell in love with the dressier option – the Marilyn Dress in Black paired with the Debbie Deadwood Leather Jacket, accessorized with the Gaby Mule in Pebble and Pixley Crossbody in Pebble. It’s a little edgier than something I would put together myself, but at the same time felt like it fit my style.

What I bought:

I ended up ordering the Marilyn dress, Gaby mule and the Classic Deadwood Jacket (I personally just don’t find cropped jackets as useful as a more classic silhouette. Every time I try them, I never get as much use out of them as I hope I will). I passed on the Pixley bag because, well, money, but also I have plenty of bags.

Sadly the shoes run large, so I’m exchanging them for a size down – no outfit post for today! But Sustainable Styling returns are free, which is awesome. I’ll be sure to share the outfit once I get my correct size.




My thoughts:

Amour Vert’s Sustainable Styling service is really fun and a great way to get a new perspective on your style. It’s also free and I never once felt pressured by my stylist to make a purchase – she was genuinely helpful and interested in learning about my style.

I have some experience with other styling services, specifically as they relate to subscription services. Now, this isn’t a subscription service, so you aren’t trying anything unless you actually buy it. But I think that’s a lot better for those of us trying to shop more sustainably and maintain smaller wardrobes- I had to really think about what I wanted to get, versus receiving a box and just keeping a bunch of the items because they are right there and it’s easy. Plus, returns and exchanges are free if something doesn’t work out.


I felt that Amour Vert’s stylist understood my style and sizing the best of any other service I’ve tried. She was also the most responsive and the least pushy about getting me to buy anything, which made for a really pleasant experience. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to try out some exciting and different looks.

Are you a fan of styling services, or do you prefer to put your own looks together?


(P.S. – In no way sponsored by or affiliated with Amour Vert, just my honest opinions!)



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