Outfit: Breezy Long Weekend

I won’t be here for the long weekend (business trip problems…) but today I was feeling inspired by its approach and decided to put together a holiday weekend outfit anyway.

For me, the recipe for a perfect weekend outfit is as follows:

  1. Light-wash, high-waisted jeans (these are Madewell’s Perfect Summer Jean)
  2. A breezy white top (wearing the VETTA Capsule Boxy Blouse – I knotted it since my jeans are a looser fit…you know, proportions)
  3. A fun and festive bandana or scarf (this is Madewell, I don’t think it is on their website anymore).

I have to be honest (well, when am I ever not?) – I was feeling a bit guilty about picking up these jeans and scarf after the end of my No Spend Month. I didn’t really need them, but I wanted them and happened to be in Madewell.

Katie recently reflected on how there isn’t really anything wrong with closet wants- a much more forgiving approach than the one I had taken with myself. I guess if I want an item, know I’ll wear it and that it works in my wardrobe, it can be okay if I don’t completely need it.

I’m trying to stop feeling as though I need to justify every single fashion purchase I make to people. As long as the purchase is made thoughtfully and is in line with my smaller closet, then that’s the most important thing.

For awhile I felt like I needed to explain every single piece I was wearing, when I bought it, and so on. My Instagram captions were long lists detailing out the validity of my wardrobe and my approach to getting dressed. But as my blog continues to evolve, I’m not sure that coming across as the Purchase Police is beneficial to myself or anyone who might be reading my posts.

Ultimately, only we know ourselves, what our closets are comprised of and what we feel best wearing. For me, I don’t want ethical fashion to become synonymous with guilt. I want it to be the lens through which I assess any closet needs and wants, and to be the guiding principles by which I shop, get dressed, and live. I want it to be a joy.

And if that means sometimes wearing a few of the “wrong” things for the sake of building the closet that’s right for me, then I think that is going to be just fine.



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