Brand to Know: Only Child

Those of you who have been embracing ethical style for some time are likely already familiar with Only Child. But for those of you who are new to slow fashion, I wanted to continue my Brands to Know series with a feature on this company.

I only own one piece of clothing from Only Child, the Charlie Top, but my experience with the brand and this item have shown me I need to feature it here.

Only Child clothing is ethically made in Oakland, California. The brand describes itself as “unexpected basics” – pieces that are classic, yet still have a modern, elevated twist to them. Only Child uses natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool in the production of its clothing, and nothing is made until it’s ordered.

This means you’ll have about a two-to-three week lead time on anything you order, but it also means that materials aren’t going to waste and that the piece you ordered is being made with care.

So back to the Charlie Top – what is so great about it that I am recommending this brand, having only worn one of their items? Good question.

First, this is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in my closet. The sleek, modern style of the front of the shirt means I can wear it to the office, and the tie back adds something special for a night out. I am a proud outfit repeater in this top.

The design of this top also takes every potential dressing situation into consideration. The cut of the sleeves works well under sweaters without bunching up. I also find the cropped length to be absolutely perfect – not too short (I have some cropped tops where, even when I wear them with jeans with a ten-inch rise, I don’t have enough stomach coverage).

Regarding construction, the raw silk is beautiful and has washed well. Also, while I know nothing about sewing, it is plain to see that the stitching on Only Child clothing is superior to so many other pieces I own.

What makes Only Child really special, though, is the inclusivity of the brand and how personable the founder, Haley is. I love watching her Instagram try-on stories, where she shows how she styles the pieces and gives great insight on the fit of various items. She also shares how fans are styling their Only Child pieces.

Do you own any pieces from Only Child? If not, what would you love to own?




  1. Never heard of the brand but I love what you shared about them! And that top is fabulous! The little tie in the back is such a great added touch! Thanks for bringing this brand to my attention!

    • Hi Katie!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by this post! I agree, the tie in the back makes it special πŸ™‚

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