Outfit: Feeling like myself again

I haven’t posted a bunch of great outfits here or on Instagram lately as I haven’t quite been feeling like myself. Today is the first day in a while where I feel like me, so I thought it warranted a little outfit post. You guys have likely noticed, you’re all very perceptive and caring.

There are a few reasons for my weird mood. Firstly, my Instagram account has grown exponentially over the past week (thanks to a few shares from larger accounts), and I’m still navigating what that means, what type of content people want to see, and, I guess, somewhat psyching myself out about what I should post to keep my followers engaged.

I’ve also been a bit in my head a lot as the first year of marriage definitely is hard (you can read my musings on that over on Instagram, but basically the wedding hangover and feeling deeply sad when it’s over is such a real thing), and I think my outfits have been reflecting my mood.

But I am LOVING today’s outfit – which is the good news! So, I wanted to share it with you guys.

The only ethically made pieces are my accessories. The sweater is older and the jeans are newer and were much needed. I love them! I think it is okay to purchase pieces that aren’t ethically made if you’ve really thought the purchase through, and know it is something you will use. I was having trouble finding a pair of jeans in this style that fit me, so Madewell ended up being the best solution. Do you think it’s okay to purchase non-ethically-made items, if they really fill a need?

Outfit details:

Sweater: Madewell, old, but I love this ethically made Slumlove Sweater Co. one, which is quite similar!

Jeans: Madewell Perfect Summer Jean

Bag: Cuyana Small Carryall Tote (I’ve been thinking of reviewing this bag – would anyone be interested in that?)

Necklace: Windblown Jewelry Horizon Necklace

Watch: Berg + Betts (I don’t think this camel color is currently available).

Hope you’re all having a good week – we’re halfway there!




  1. If you love those jeans, I say go for it. I’ve decided that if an item fills a need and I know I will wear it into the ground (versus one season trends everyone loves lately) then I am willing to buy what I really like. I have been trying to buy ethical items but sometimes it’s just not feasible. While the ethical fashion trend is important, I think what needs to become important as well is investing in pieces you love and not pieces you will discard and create waste. Also, been eyeing that tote myself so I would love a review.

  2. Well then maybe I’ll get to work on one! And you’re right, loving and using our items is even more important than just shopping ethically.

  3. I would love a review on this tote too! Love those jeans, I’ve been eyeing them, how did you feel about the sizing?

    • Hi Kristina! I sized up one from my usual size in Madewell for these, as they don’t have much stretch and run a bit narrow in the hips ????

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