*GIVEAWAY* Komuso Design The Shift, Rose Gold

Hi everyone! I have posted before about my love for Komuso’s Shift necklace (it remains one of my most-read blog posts to this day!), so I’m really excited to have the opportunity to profile this brand again and give away a limited edition, rose gold chain Shift to one of you!

I’ve been pretty open with all of you about my closet journey and how ethical, minimal style has helped me to manage my anxiety. The Shift fits perfectly in my closet philosophy, as it is a piece of dual-purpose jewelry that is meant to help the wearer manage stress and anxiety. Not only is it beautiful, serving as a reminder to be more mindful, but it also is a breathing tool. Breathe into the Shift to slow down your breath and be present in the moment.

An effortless accessory.


*Sparkle* 🙂

The Shift combines ancient wisdom and modern science principles on how managing our breath helps us manage our thoughts. The Shift enables the wearer to quiet the mind and bring us back to this moment, right now.

Ready to enter for a chance to win your own? Head on over to my Instagram!



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