Outfit: Setting the Tone

I recently had the pleasure of updating some of the photos I use for certain sections of my blog, such as my About and Contact pages. It was so fun! I worked with a local photographer who used to work in NYC documenting fashion and street style. While I rarely use a professional photographer because, as you know, that can get expensive (particularly the editing), it is worth it to invest in my blog in certain ways. 🙂

Getting dressed for this particular purpose was one of my most stressful outfit days, because I knew that what I picked would set the tone for what people think of me when they first land on my page. No pressure. Also, it was about 100 degrees outside.


What I wore:

A black top doesn’t necessarily “pop” – but I wear a lot of black. It’s just who I am.

I settled on the Jamie + the Jones Blank Canvas top in raw silk, my favorite Madewell jeans and Zuzii clogs.

Jamie + the Jones makes their clothing right here in the U.S. in Nashville, Tennessee. Their pieces are simultaneously relaxed and structured and, while they pride themselves on the rainbow of colors they offer in their signature styles…of course I bought the top in black.

Zuzii is a brand really close to my heart, because they are so kind and offer best-in-class customer service. The clogs I’m wearing in the above are actually a replacement pair, because I am clumsy and damaged my first pair the first time I wore them. Zuzii replaced them for me, even though it was my fault.

Just another example of why I love ethical fashion – you pay a little more, but you get more, including brands that operate with heart.

Zuzii makes all of their shoes in Los Angeles, having built their manufacturing facility from the ground up given the collapse of most manufacturing here in the U.S.

They produce their sneaker soles and shoe laces using 100% solar energy, and use vegetable tanned leather free of toxic substances. Their materials are sourced from Italy and Germany, and they make every item to order to not create excess stock and waste. I highly, highly recommend them both for their practices and kindness.

My necklace is Windblown Jewelry (made in North Carolina by the lovely Rachel Calhoun), and my watch is Berg + Betts (made in Canada and Hong Kong of surplus leather, in regularly audited factories).

My jeans are Madewell- you’ve seen those a bunch of times!

kellie wholehearted wardrobe hi res

For my second outfit…


Look at this fancy nitro coffee!

I wore my same jeans, my St. Agni Studio woven loafers (I originally talked about them here!), and this beautiful linen open back tank from Cuyana. This outfit was much more pleasant for the weather.


Anyway – I’m really excited about these photos and think they’re a good indication of my style and some of my favorite pieces!

What outfit do you feel the most “you” in?




  1. I love both of these outfits! Your jeans are so cute with all of the buttons. Also, I totally get what you mean on splurging for a photographer to take your photos. Sometimes its hard to figure out what to spend money on when it comes to blogging.

    xo Logan

    • Yes it is! I know they say “You have to spend money to make money” but…that seems like a lot of work most of the time. ????

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