Hands-Free: Ethically-Made Belt Bags

I’ve mentioned a lot in my previous posts how much I’ve wanted a belt bag. Known as a fanny pack in its former life, the belt bag has recently been reimagined into a more classic, versatile item that often doubles as a crossbody bag.

I thought that today it would be fun to round up all the ethically-made belt bags I considered before making a purchase, in case you have been thinking about getting in on the trend!

Cuyana Belt Bag


I have to be honest – I think this is almost the perfect belt bag. It has an exterior pocket and doubles as a crossbody, which is really convenient and functional! That said…it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on. I was on the waitlist for this bag since April, and missed two restocks because it sells out that quickly, which made it a really frustrating shopping experience. If you are good at stalking your email for a restock notification (unlike me…) – this one might be for you. It’s made in Turkey of leather sourced from Italy.

Matt & Nat Aki Bag


Featuring a more traditional belt bag silhouette, the Aki bag from Matt & Nat (Mat[terial] & Nat[ure]) is a fantastic vegan option! It is made of vegan leather with a recycled plastic bottle lining. It is also currently on sale 🙂 I was so close to going with this bag, but not having the option to wear it as a crossbody didn’t feel versatile enough for my wardrobe.

VereVerto Mini Mox


Ethically made in Spain, the VereVerto Mini Mox is another belt bag that doubles as a crossbody. I eliminated this one pretty quickly though. At $278, it was more than I wanted to (or could realistically) spend on such an item. It is also large enough to fit an iPad Mini – which I knew was bigger than I wanted my belt bag to be. It’s definitely a beautiful option though, if it’s in your budget.

HFS Collective Half-Moon Convertible Crossbody


I love this bag – the shape is unique, the raffia is perfect for summer and the inside is lined with eco-suede made of plastic bottles. Ultimately though, and similar to the Mini Mox, I decided it was a bit too large for what I wanted. The belt is also not included, so that extra $48 brings this piece up to $246 – more than I wanted to spend. It is a great vegan option, however, if you’re looking for a larger bag and if it works with your budget. Made in Los Angeles.

So…which one did I ACTUALLY go with?

Are Studio Disc Bag




This bag fits just the essentials – and I mean JUST. I can fit some cards, cash, a lipstick, my phone (a tight squeeze for the iPhone 7+) and some keys. By all accounts, this was probably the least practical belt bag for me to pick. But something about the minimal style, plus the fact that I had my heart set on a round bag, made this one a winner. And I am so happy with it! The size looks good on my frame (I’m 5’3″ for reference), and I like how the strap just ties into a crossbody or belt bag. Simple. I was able to find this bag on Garmentory (where it also often goes on sale). Are Studio bags are made in Los Angeles with locally sourced materials.



I used sunglasses for scale since I was using my phone for photos. I recently bought a real camera though! Excited!


Do you have a belt bag? Are you thinking of getting one?






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