How to be a minimalist when you sweat a lot

This post is in collaboration with my dear friend Andrea, who always keeps her cool.

Guys. There is something we need to talk about.


If this 10×10 has revealed anything to me thus far, it is that being a wardrobe minimalist is extremely hard when you sweat a lot.  Seriously, I am doing laundry like, EVERY OTHER NIGHT. I remember it being an annoyance during the Winter and Spring 10x10s, but obviously summer is making this much worse. It’s exhausting. And it’s rough on my clothes.

I was discussing this with Andrea, because we often discuss very intellectual and personal topics, and we realized we are both sweaty minimalists. We thought to ourselves, “We can’t be the only ones.” And so this post was born. If you find it hard to re-wear your clothes as well, read on for our tips! They won’t solve all your problems…but we hope they help. We learned a lot from each other in the process of discussing this!


Andrea, looking very chic and not sweaty.

Pick the right fabrics.

Linen has properties that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter – it is a great all-season fabric that helps to regulate your body temperature. There is a reason why we are wearing the same linen top in these photos. People seem to think linen is only a summer fabric, but that simply isn’t true! Bamboo is another great material, particularly for undergarments, as it is sweat-wicking. I personally like White Rabbit for my bamboo-derived underthings.

Use deodorant responsibly.

An extra purse deodorant is a must. But what’s equally important is picking the right one. Natural deodorants, which are formulated without aluminum, will protect your clothes from those unsightly, yellow stains. You’ll still sweat a bit but…you’ll protect your clothes when you do it. Andrea likes Native Cosmetics (especially the sensitive version) and I like Schmidt’s Naturals (especially the Rose + Vanilla scent!)

Steam your clothes to freshen them between wears.

This doesn’t always work – so make sure you still give it the sniff test (hah!). But in some cases, steaming your clothing can extend its life between washes. I use this handy travel-sized steamer, and it works just fine! There are some higher-end versions, but I’ve always been happy with this one.

Spray your clothes to freshen them between wears.

Febreze is always an option…but if you are looking for something that will be gentle on your clothes (or if you’re just feeling fancy), The Laundress makes both a delicates and a wool/cashmere freshening spray.

Put your jeans in the freezer.

Okay, admittedly, neither of us have tried this, and there is a lot of debate about its efficacy. But the idea is that by freezing your jeans, the bacteria becomes dormant and odors are eliminated. Science doesn’t really back this up, but I know a few people who swear by it. Plus, washing your jeans less conserves energy and prevents fading.

We want to know, sweaty minimalists of the world! What are your tips for putting off laundry day?







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