Ethical Fashion Roundup: My Tradlands Summer Sale Picks

If you’ve spent any time at all on Instagram over the last few days, you’ve likely seen that¬†Tradlands is having its summer sale! Since I am a Tradlands ambassador, I thought it would be fun to show you how I’m wearing some of my favorite ethically-made pieces by them, and round up my favorite items included in the sale.

Tradlands makes high-quality essentials for women that are inspired by classic menswear. The brand is committed to ethical manufacturing as well as using responsible fibers, such as tencel. As an ambassador, I can also say they are some of the nicest people, and it is always a pleasure to get to work with them!

The sale begins today with 20% off (code ‘sale20’), and that value will increase through September 5th. However, popular items and sizes will likely sell out, so if there is something you really like, that is worth considering. I do make a small commission on the items purchased through my affiliate links below, in the interest of full transparency. ūüôā This helps me support my blog, as all the photos, writing, editing, web upkeep and more can be time consuming and sometimes costly. I hope if you enjoy my blog, and if you were thinking of making a Tradlands purchase, that you’ll consider supporting my work!

It is a bit weird to be an ethical shopper and slow-fashion blogger and to be promoting a sale. I sort of always end up with weird feelings about being a brand ambassador, because there has to be a balance between building a slow closet, championing reduced consumption, offering perks for reading my blog (like discount codes) and being honest about the products I love, wear, and use. Ultimately, I think there’s value in taking on brand collaborations, and being able to offer discount codes that help to make ethical fashion more accessible. That’s why you’re starting to see some partnerships here and on Instagram, and I carefully consider what I take on in order to continue to have your trust. So thank you for that.

Anyways…onto the good stuff!

I own the Box Top in Golden Gingham, the Soleil Dress and the Girlfriend Tee in Sienna.

Box Top in Golden Gingham

Originally $147, on sale for $139. Accessorized here with a Cuyana sunhat. I love to tie this top in the front!

Soleil Dress

Originally $187, on sale for $169. This perfect shirt dress is made of tencel, and also comes in navy stripes. Looks equally chic dressed up or down!


Girlfriend Tee in Sienna

Originally $49, on sale for $45.

Of the three items I own, the Box Top in Golden Gingham is my favorite. I always get a lot of compliments on it, and I love the vintage vibe! I think the color also makes it a great transitional piece for the fall.

Here are some of my other favorites that are also included in the sale.

Some perfect white button downs: The Elms (long-sleeved) and The Lily (short-sleeved).

The Chore Coat in Natural. Words cannot express how much I want this item for myself – ha! It’s so perfect for fall layering.The¬†Block Tote in Black.¬†Minimal and chic, but made of durable canvas.


Have you been thinking of shopping the sale? What Tradlands piece are you eyeing, if so?



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