Outfit roundup 2.27.2018

What I’ve been wearing lately… Embracing a simpler wardrobe has really done wonders for me. I don’t spend my mornings fussing over picking out statement necklaces, and I feel like I have so much room in my brain for other things! Which is a big deal for me. I do still have a lot of…

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Sunshine blogger nomination

Hi all! I was nominated for the Sunshine blogger award by the lovely Brenna of Will Daytrip for Donuts!  Bloggers nominate other bloggers who promote a happy, creative, “live your own life” lifestyle. Thank you so much, Brenna! This award is a great way to honor bloggers who inspire you, and network with a bunch of…

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Weekend outfits + caring for your clothes

Hi everyone, happy Saturday! Having a fun weekend so far – went to dinner with M. last night (we tried a new Indian restaurant and it was phenomenal), got a lot of work done today, and spending some quality time with cats. Here’s what I’ve been wearing so far – I’m nothing if not consistent,…

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Mood board

Just sharing the images that are inspiring me lately…& having me feel “some type of way.” All via Pinterest (if they’re yours, please let me know!)

Instagram outfit roundup

Hi all – speaking of Instagram being perfect for when I don’t have time to write up a full post, wanted to do a roundup of some of the looks I’ve recently posted there and my thoughts on them. It’s a “snow day” here, so it’s the perfect time to get caught up on this…

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Winter 10 x 10 days 9, 10

I finished my winter 10 x 10! Thanks for following along. 🙂 On day 9 I repeated my Miranda Bennett everyday top and my Madewell jeans. I half-tucked it, even though I know some people loathe a half-tuck, because it makes my short frame look taller and it also kept it sort of out of…

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